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In November and December of 2015, I visited a couple of places in India that inspired some questions and thoughts about what is involved in protecting the earth. I was particularly impressed with...

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The Transition Movement is grounded in the belief that the industrial growth paradigm has had, and is having, very damaging consequences on our lives and life on earth.


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Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the earthquake in central Italy - as we post this 241 people are known to have died, dozens are still trapped, many are homeless and aftershocks continue to rock the area.At this time of crisis, it may not surprise you to hear that a team of...


The regenerative city applies ecological principles to urban redevelopment to make the city environmentally viable. It should make the city socially viable as well.

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I share many of Green Party Presidential Nominee Jill Stein’s values. On climate and energy, I absolutely agree that our world is in crisis and that we need some form of a “Green New Deal,” though whether that would be her plan, or some other approach, is, for me, still a point...

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