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Sitting in the South High auditorium in 2010, learning about the very real effects that climate change will have on the lives of my children, I was shaken to the core. I turned to my husband and said...

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by Shante’ Sojourn Zenith. It seems fairly clear that, whatever our stance regarding conflict, efforts spent now to learn practical skills, become more self-sufficient, and form bonds of trust with...


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Our first Guest Editor Steph Blom, weaves her stories together here in her last post with us.  It has been a lovely and gentle beginning to our series and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Steph.  Do take the time to follow her work on her blog here and share your thoughts on her...


I started to write a brief review of David W. Orr’s 2016 book Dangerous Years: Climate Change, the Long Emergency, and the Way Forward. I found, however, that a longer “essay” was what I felt called to write. Orr’s book is the best thing I have read on the overall social-change challenges of this...