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Image: REconomy workshop at the International Transition Conference, courtesy of Transition Network.

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Transition Culture

The last of these five is to see success with new eyes and savour it. This is particularly important after the demoralisation that happened say, after the COP15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen in 2009. If we see success purely in terms of outcome, will we get there or not, some of the outcomes...


These are people who found a tiny and overcrowded raft, floating on the open ocean, safer than their homes. See what you can do where you live -- you probably can't do much, but you might be able to do a little.

Transition Voice

Holocaust Remembrance. Photo: Ted Eytan/Flickr CC. This article is the first in a two-part series. My mother didn’t die when so many others did – and that means she lived to give birth to me. I write about this now, because it has everything to do with today, even though the cataclysm in which so...

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