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Seeds of a movement are growing in a fenced-off empty lot on the unflashy south end of Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Natalie Flores, 27, passed by the space a few doors down from Washington Boulevard —...

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Once a year, the President delivers the State of the Union address to highlight important national issues from the past year and suggest priorities for the year to come. It’s a broadcast from one to...

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Transition Culture

A couple of weeks ago the Western Morning News asked me to write something for a new feature they were starting called 'If I Ruled the World'.  "Feel free", they wrote, "not to take it too seriously – after all (unless you know something we don’t) no one is really about to make you ruler of...


Every square on the bingo card marked “economic debacle” has been filled in with a pen dipped in fracking fluid.

Transition Voice

Photo: DVIDSHUB/Flickr. Apparently, people who write titles for politico-military thrillers about nuclear brinksmanship find the language of The Star Spangled Banner just too good to resist. It must be the power of dark irony, to turn words of patriotic celebration into a warning for patriots. For...