Transition Stories

Transition-Ready in Del Norte

By Jane Moran and Adam Spencer


REconomy Comes to the US

Transition US is part of a group of five national Transition hubs (along with Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico) who are receiving mentoring and support from Transition Network to bring the award-winning REconomy Project to the US. We’re the second cohort of national hubs to engage in this work – last year Transition Network partnered with Italy, Croatia, Belgium, Latvia, and the Netherlands.

Local 20/20 Partners with NW Earth Institute on Community Engagement

To build on our recent "Seeing Systems" teleseminar with NW Earth Institute's Lacy Cagle, Judy Alexander of Local 20/20, a Transition Initiative in Jefferson County, Washington shared this piece about her experience using NWEI courses to engage community members in critically important conversations relevant to Transition.

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