Neighbors Sharing Food, Crafts, Skills, and Goods in California

 Holiday cheer was in the air at Common Ground on Sunday December 9. No dashing to the mall to load up on as much stuff as possible! Instead, folks came to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season by sharing – holiday decorations, clothing, books, crafts, garden treats, and more. In the spirit of the season, Connie Beal gave a cookie decorating demonstration and gave out samples of her creations. Herb Moore was there with his musical instruments, Tom helped out with bike repair, and Willi continued his video interview project – on sharing, of course.


Event description:

Hop on your bikes with your friends and family for a multiple skill and goods sharing event, just in time for the holidays. At this special holiday event, we’ll have a regifting exchange, share holiday decor, and have a few holiday-themed demos as well.

Bring your bikes, bike supplies, homegrown fruit, vegetables,
eggs, herbs, honey, flowers, paints, markers, books, shirts,
skirts, pants, fabric, yarn, paper, sheet music, patterns, books,
garden tools, craft tools, toys, kits, seeds, unwanted gifts, and more. Be sure to
bring a bag to take home the bounty, so you’ll have enough for gifts!

Local Garden Share – Bring extra bounty from the garden (produce,
fruit, herbs, eggs, honey, flowers, plants in pots), things made
in the kitchen from the things from the garden, seeds, seedlings,
tools, utensils, books, magazines. Anything garden and
food-related is welcome.

Craft Share – Bring your arts and crafts supplies and tools,
holiday decorations, and even artistic creations to share. Share
with other crafters to find new uses for fabric, yarn, sewing
supplies, paper craft supplies, paint and pens, glues,
sketchbooks, pretty boxes, holiday decorating supplies, wreaths,
candle and soap-making kits, jewelry, and much more. 

Bicycle workshop – Let’s work together to do minor maintenance
and make minor adjustments to improve your bike for efficiency,
safety and comfort, with Tom Kabat. He’ll help you with: Tire
pressure, Oiling squeaky chains, Seat ergonomics, Adjusting
bar position for good wristernomics, Adjusting gears, brakes
and headsets. He can also coach you through fixing a flat tire!

Book share – Turn in your old beloved books in readable
condition (no pages missing please) and take home a new good
read. Bring fiction, nonfiction, kids’ books, travel guides,
biographies, audiobooks, how-to guides, and more. Any extras will
be donated to the library.

Clothes share – Bring something that no longer fits but still
looks good (free of stains and tears) and find something that
you need to complete your wardrobe. Skirts, pants, winter gear,
dresses, suits, socks, bathing suits, shirts, coats, baby clothes,
children’s clothes, hats, and more. All ages’ clothing welcome.

Toy share – Kids bored of the same old toys? Need a good gift for
small hands? Trade in a toy for something new-to-them, and get
the next generation involved in sharing and keeping things out
of the landfill. Bring toys in playable condition, no sharp or
broken parts, please. Extras will be donated to a local
children’s shelter.

Transition Tales – we’ll continue with Transition Tales videos,
by Willi Paul, as you share stories about your experiences with
Transition and in the community for the holiday season.

Re-Gifting exchange – Got some gifts collecting dust? Bring them
to our regifting exchange for someone else’s holiday gifting. You
might find a few stocking stuffers or treasures for yourself band
your loved ones, as well.

Music – come and make music with us!

Throughout the Bay Area, neighbors are coming together for
sharing locally grown, fresh produce, as well as arts and crafts
supplies, and other household items. Our Palo Alto sharing event
is supported by a coalition of community ecological organizations
and neighborhood groups including: Acterra, Barron Park Green
Team, Barron Park Garden Network, Barron Park Assn, Common Ground,
City of Palo Alto Community Gardens, Deborah’s Palm, FabMo, Midtown
Green Team, Opalz, SCRAP, Slow Food South Bay, Transition Palo Alto
and Transition Silicon Valley.

More information about Craft swaps and Garden shares.


Reposted from Transition Palo Alto.

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