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November 2015 E-Newsletter

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The Global Climate March is this weekend... Are you ready?
As global eyes turn to Paris for the upcoming 'COP 21' climate talks, concerned citizens around the planet are mobilizing for an international weekend of action, this Saturday and Sunday, November 29-30. Check out these great organizing resources to get involved in the grassroots movement toward climate justice!


What's Happening in Transition... 

Transition Streets Project Rolls Out: Open to New Participants
With our Transition Streets crowdfunding campaign officially in the books (many thanks to all the donors who helped us raise over $6,500) we are now ready for the national roll-out of Transition Streets. There is still time for your community to join! Read more here, and check out these talks with previous participants.

Rob Hopkins to Discuss '21 Stories' and Paris Climate Conference with YOU!
With the Paris Climate Talks set to begin in less than a week, Transition Towns founder Rob Hopkins has published a new book harvesting stories of local resilience from around the globe. Join us Wednesday, December 16 for a teleconference in which Hopkins will discuss the book, the talks, and our Movement.

Tell Your 'Transition Stories'!
The more we talk with fellow transitioners out there, the more clear it is that there are waaayyy more than '21 Stories of Transition' — and that it can be instructive, healing, and even fun for us to share and integrate our experiences in this Great Turning. Want to tell your story? Email 

Join the TUS National Media & Communications Team!
Transition US is calling on local leaders from all around the country to participate in furthering this movement by contributing blog, newsletter and social media posts. Do you have something to share? Email to contribute content or join our grassroots communication team!

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Stories from the Movement 

Reclaiming the Entertainment Industry, One Talent Show at a Time!
Transition US is delighted to report a roaring success and all-around good time at our Transition's Got Talent fall fundraiser in Sebastopol, CA. Read Marissa's blog post on the importance of art and music in our work, and watch the highlights. When the time is ripe, consider bringing your community together for its own talent show! 

Gleaning and Foodshed Mapping in Sarasota, FL
Gleaning — the ancient art of harvesting leftovers — has a special place in the Transition Movement. As conscious designers of resilient community, we must map our assets and send the yields where they are needed. Check out how Transition Sarasota, FL has begun to map its foodsheds and reclaim the leftovers!

A Transitioner's Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
What if every Transition Initiative in America would help to sponsor a Syrian family seeking refuge?  Could we find housing, clothing, aid in employment and acculturation in our cities and towns?  Could we pry open the arms of our larger communities? Read more in Erik Lindberg's new blog post here.

The French Transition: In Lead-up to COP21, Activists Build Local Resilience
As the world's eyes turn to Paris for COP 21, local Transition activists with 'Salies en Transition' have continued to promote healthy, living, local food systems on the ground in France (showing the visiting international leaders and dignitaries how it's done!) Check out this article from the Transition Network blog to learn more.

Interested in starting a Transition Initiative? 
Browse the US initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative!

Webinars and Online Events


Gravity-Flow, Branched Drain Systems, and Greywater Irrigation in Arid Climates
Tuesday, December 2,  11:00am-12:15pm PST
A gravity-based, branched drain system delivers shower or sink water to plants via a set of rigid, branching pipes. Though time-consuming to install, this type of system is is extremely robust; it requires no energy to operate, has no moving parts to break, and needs very little maintenance. This presentation, by instructor Nicholas Holmes of Joshua Tree, will also cover best practices for greywater irrigation in an arid climate.

Southern CA Fruit Trees 101: How to Irrigate Your Home Orchard with Greywater
Wednesday, December 16,  4:00pm-5:00m PST

Fruit trees and greywater: a perfect combination. Learn about how you can irrigate a delicious home orchard with greywater and maintain this productive landscape without potable water irrigation. This presentation with Ty Teissere will focus on fruit trees of Southern California, but the principals and greywater systems information is applicable to a wide geographic region.

Our Role in the Climate Movement: '21 Stories of Transition' with Rob Hopkins
Wednesday, December 16,  8:00am-9:30am PST
Join Transition Towns founder Rob Hopkins along with transition organizers from all around the country for an informative telephone conference about the role of Transition in the climate justice movement and the Paris talks. Hopkins will share lessons from his timely new book, '21 Stories for Transition.'

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It's Okay to Trust the Universe and Still Ask for Help: Transition Lab Scholarships Available
Transition Lab is now accepting applications for their 2016 Co-Creator and Summer Intensive programs, with scholarship funds available. Based out of the Transition Town of Montrose, CO, Transition Lab trains leaders to model and develop relationships that build a more sustainable future. Check them out here.

8 Ways to Defend Against Terror Nonviolently
After recent acts of violence in the global community, "terrorism" is again on the front page, sparking responses from solidarity and compassion to fear and aggression. This insightful piece from Waging Nonviolence explores methods of responding to "terror" without becoming terrorists ourselves.

Syria's Climate-Fueled Conflict, In One Stunning Comic Strip
With global attention fixated on the refugee crisis and geopolitical tensions in Syria, it is important to remember the many ways in which climate changehas exacerbated a complex situation. This comic striprecently republished in Mother Jones encapsulates the story with beautiful simplicity. Read it here.

This Changes Everything

Naomi Klein's epic book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism Versus the Climate has been made into a motion picture, now showing all across the country. Register to host your own screening.

A Special Offer to Transition Newsletter Subscribers from Communities Magazine!
The Fellowship for Intentional Community has extended a special invitation to the Transition US community. They are offering a 10% discount on their excellent publication, Communities magazine. Let us celebrate beneficial alliances with kindred souls, and uplift the power of working together! Read more here.

Gratitude : )
Of all the wonderful resources available to us, the feeling of gratitude and appreciation — and the genuine giving of thanks — just might be the most powerful and transformative. We give thanks for all our friends and allies out there, all our teachers and forebears, all our brothers and sisters, in this commonMovement. Thank YOU for all you do to co-create just, regenerative, thriving community on planet Earth! 


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