Transition Stories

In Pursuit of Transition: Some Aspects of the Role of Passion and Motivation in the Transition Movement

Summary of Findings

By Jill Kiepura, MS School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

This past year I had the privilege of researching the Transition Movement as part of a project for my Master’s degree at the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan. I first learned about the Transition Movement through an Environmental Psychology course, and became interested in what motivates individuals, from a psychological perspective, to join and remain actively involved in such a movement.

Transition Town Charlotte, VT: From Small Potatoes to an Edible Community

Inspired by Transition Town Charlotte’s (TTC) response to a challenge from Transition US, three demonstration vegetable plots at the Charlotte Library, Charlotte Central School, and the Charlotte Congregational Church are nurturing a growing interest among adults and children in local food production as part of a sustainable, resilient future.

Community-Based Drought Response

There’s a lot of attention on the drought in California, which produces much of the country’s produce, nuts, and dairy. Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order with emergency regulations for water conservation, calling for a 25% reduction of water use among households and some businesses.

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