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This spring, Transition US is looking for individuals to contribute and sustain their support as we plant seeds of resilience for the Transition movement. Please join us in collectively planting our...


It was a miserably rainy day with a low of 41 degrees, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of more than 200 people who came to Sustainable Berea’s 5th Annual Local Foods Expo (LFE).  On this last...

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Ann Carranza, Press Democrat on January 14, 2014

Barbara Brown, Houston Sustainable Business Examiner on October 10, 2013

Jamie Logan, Tulane New Wave on October 04, 2013

Press & Media

Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, support, training, and networking for Transition Initiatives across the United States. We are working in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole.  If you are a member of the press we would welcome the opportunity to arrange an interview with a member of the Transition US team.

Featured Blogger

Joanne Poyourow is an author, an educator, a gardener, and a community builder. Joanne brought the ideas of the international Transition Movement to Los Angeles.  She is one of the founding members of the Transition Los Angeles city hub which is preparing local communities for the changes coming with global warming, peak oil, and economic contraction.


Transition Los Angeles supports action groups in many local communities within the greater Los Angeles area. It is perhaps the largest metropolitan area in the world that is working with Transition ideas.

Transition Culture

Here's something we'd love your help with.  How can we capture the impact of Transition in numbers?  We've done our best with what we can find, and we'd love to know what you would add from your local initiative. Any numbers you can put to your impact? Number of meetings? Amount of...

...the next political phase of the campaign started by Occupy is now starting to emerge.

Transition Voice

Photo: amerune. It’s nine years and counting since the Keystone pipeline was first proposed and TransCanada is still waiting for presidential approval to build the line. An environmental assessment report from the US State Department that landed in January would seem to move TransCanada’s hopes...