2011 Fall Fundraising Challengers




Autodesk will donate $5,000 when TUS has reached $5,000 commitments made by other businesses/corporations.

Autodesk believes in being a responsive community partner. Through our products, values and actions we strive to build and foster healthy, sustainable communities. Sustainability and design are part of the foundation of Autodesk.  It is what our technology enables our customers to achieve.  Autodesk is committed to providing the best 3D design and engineering software to address the world’s environmental challenges, and we are excited to support Transition US in its mission to help transition our community and others to a more sustainable world.

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Leslie Meehan




Based on my PhD research in community resilience, Transition US is one of my top favorite wisdom systems helping people co-create thriving, resilient communities that are heartwarming, just, and sustainable. Transition US is one of the rare truly integral systems that provides practical tools linking personal, collective, interior, and exterior growth: an essential ingredient in our learning to live as if we are really interconnected as an eco-social family. I personally use and highly recommend Transition US as a valuable resource for community activists. Thank you Transition US! 

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Nutiva is an innovative leader in the health food industry. Since 1999 we have operated as a values-driven company dedicated to nourishing people and planet.

We’re building a business characterized by high standards in all aspects of our company, from the organic farms that grow our foods, through the production, packaging, and transportation of our products, to the Nutiva associates who communicate with our retailers and the people who enjoy our products.

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Rick Theis on behalf of


Our mission is to train people to be more effective leaders, and to educate community leaders and the public to understand that the future of our economy and quality of life are dependent on each other. The Institute is active throughout the year, providing education, training, and networking opportunities for community leaders. We have four main program areas: Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future, Policy-Maker Outreach, Community Education and Leadership Networking.

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Outreach Partner

We are grateful for Michael C. Ruppert's willingness to promote TUS' fundraising campaigns over the past two years both on his website and on his weekly sydicated radio show. Thanks Mike!


Transition US - Bringing a new world to life

Transition US, the national hub of the international Transition Movement, is almost 3 years old.  In just three short years the number of Transition Initiatives in the US has grown to 105 in 31 states with more than 300 others in formation. Transition US provides training, mentoring and numerous skill-building and skill-sharing resources to support this growing Movement and ensure its success.  At this critical time we must snap out of complacency and into action. When engaged we find a richness of community that is deeply fulfilling PLUS we find that we are actually turning the tide. Transition US has opened the door - now let’s bring America through.

Here is what Transition US is currently working on in 2011:

111 Transition Initiatives by the end of 2011!

Knowledge Hub of How-To guides and other resources for individuals and communities to use in their own locales to increase the power and effectiveness of their work

Skill-building webinars to increase capacity of Transition Initiative leaders in the areas of group process, collaboration building and community organizing

On-site Advanced Transition training modules that further and deepen the skills or Initiative members enabling them to work more effectively together as well as engage more of people from their communities in the Transition process

Capturing stories, press coverage and metrics for the movement so that it can see itself and its effect and distributing these to inspire others to action

Linking together for maximum benefit those new to Transition with those more senior, those confronting similar issues (such as those that arise in an urban ecology), and those who are looking for others in their locale to create a Transition Initiative

Continue our widely acclaimed National Awareness and Action Campaign: the Home & Garden Challenge that has served as a point of entry for numerous new Initiatives and community members.


There are a number of the things we hope to bring forward in 2012 and beyond....  Below are some of these:

Transition US Phases 1 – 5

In order to transition towns and cities throughout the US to be fully resilient in the face of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and economic vulnerability we will work with Transition Initiatives in 3 stages in 2012, with 4th and 5th stages starting in 2013 or later. 

·         Phase 1: Start-up/Outreach. This phase helps new initiatives form and trains leaders to step forward. In 2012 we will grow the number of US Transition Initiatives to 200. [This phase will be ongoing until there are initiatives throughout the US.]

·         Phase 2: Deepening Impact (or “TI 2.0”). This phase helps intermediate-level Initiatives reach residents across all socio-economic, cultural, and geographic barriers to begin their personal engagement and energy descent actions. In 2012 we will launch a US pilot of Transition Streets with 9 Initiatives throughout the US to help our “early adopters” go back to their home streets and reach a wide cross-section of residents. 

·         Phase 3: Policy Adoption (or “TI 3.0”). This phase helps advanced initiatives begin the process of working with their local governments (and coalitions of other community based organizations and stakeholders) to adopt and implement a local Energy Descent Action Plan. In 2012, we will launch a partnership with prominent post carbon thinkers who can create/edit a “best practices” EDAP template that TUS can then offer Initiatives as a tool that would be combined with TUS training to launch a series of EDAP adoption campaigns in 2012/2013. 

·         Phase 4: Implementation (or “TI 4.0”). During this phase we would help the Initiatives to implement the actions set forth in their EDAPs. This phase would begin, at earliest, in 2013 and might involve anything from trainings, to ongoing policy help, technical assistance with fundraising or pro-bono legal advisors.

·         Right Livelihood/Social enterprise/Transition businesses: (2013) During this phase TUS will develop and aggregate Asset Mapping resources to identify gaps and opportunities for low carbon businesses creating the businesses and local supply infrastructure to withstand shocks and changes. Profits coming in from Transition businesses will begin to fund Transition Initiatives.

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