Transition US Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter


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Scholarship recipients, Naomy Candelaria (left) and Priscilla Trinh (right). Transition leaders Leslie MacKenzie and Peter Foster are supporting young students of color from the...

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2020 has already been an extremely challenging year for nearly everyone here in the US and around the world. With over 100,000 dead from COVID-19, more than 40 million out of work, and after 10...


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A journey to explore pathways towards regenerative cultures in a time of breakdown – 15th June to 15th July


We call for fundamental policy changes focused on reparative justice and healing, such as defunding policing, deconstructing our carceral state, and demilitarizing our federal budget. This fed-uprising must be a wake up call to Americans. There will be no peace without justice. There will be no...

Rob Hopkins

A few months before the lockdown, I was honoured to be a guest at the ‘Imagination Week’, part of the ESSEC Business School Programme dedicated to imagination and creativity. ESSEC is a business school on the outskirts of Paris. The presentation was to a packed room (remember those?)...