The Art of Hosting for Transition

Social Architecture is Needed to Support Dreams

Through the Art of Hosting (AoH) we are learning that a social architecture is needed to support citizen movements. In chaos. In complexity. Whether in response to peak oil, climate change, or other crises, this is an age that requires participation. “We need leaders to build relationships and trust rather than fragmentation and fear,” says our friend Tim Merry. We are all learning that thought there is no shortage of passion, many social activists have become exhausted. There is need for process, social architecture, to act from passion. To help groups be inspired together. To see together what can’t be seen alone. To create together what can’t be created alone.

The Art of Hosting Helps Transition Movements

Like Transition, The Art of Hosting is a commitment to working together and individually at scale on behalf of a world in significant change. It is participative process -- engagement as a system -- to catalyze shared perspective and action. It is large and small group methodologies that bring people into deeper relationship and commitment together. It is a set of models and world views to reclaim democratic process and action. Emergence, self-organization, and living systems inspire the work.

AoH trainingThe Art of Hosting Connects People Working on What Matters

The Art of Hosting is a way to help people be smart together, thoughtful together, and heartful together. Practiced worldwide, it is a pattern of: 1) co-learning and sensing together; 2) building and strengthening lasting relationships, and 3) rolling up our sleeves together to get to work with the experiments, offerings, and practices needed now.


Ways to Participate Now

Northern California Art of Hosting Dojo: The Participatory Leadership Dojo is a place to get inspired, hone skills, share new learnings, and generate collaborations to serve people and communities! Rooted in the growing practice of the Art of Hosting, we are creating in California a unique approach to this impactful work.

Art of Hosting Trainings These are events posted on the main Art of Hosting website. They are not specific to Transition efforts, but emphasize the needed participatory nature of leadership.


Trainings For Transition Leaders and Activists

With appreciation for a grant from The Threshold Foundation, and administration by The Meadowlark Institute, we created three events to help weave together more people translocally from Transition and other related movements. These were three-day trainings to strengthen participative leadership skills needed to shift ourselves and communities around the planet in change. These were also customized events to connect others in sustainability efforts.

June 2013 - Petaluma, California

March 2014 - Petaluma, California

April 2014 - Saco, Maine 


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A Few Art of Hosting Practitioners Creating and Hosting These Events:

Chris Corrigan, Harvest Moon Consulting; Nancy Fritsche Egan, People Potential; Kathy Jourdain, Shape Shift Strategies; Kelly McGowan, Going Upstream; Tim Merry, Myrgan; Jerry Nagel, Meadowlark Institute; Teresa Posakony, Emerging Wisdom; Carolyne Stayton, Transition US; Bob Stilger, New Stories; Tenneson Woolf, Tenneson Woolf Consulting

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