12 Reasons to Invest in Transition US

By Marissa Mommaerts, Transition US

12. If you help us meet our $10,000 challenge grant by year's end, your investment will be doubled!

11. We are radical. We’re building a new system that will render the existing unsustainable global economy obsolete.

10. REconomy. We’re bringing Transition Network’s award-winning model for transforming local economies to the US.

9. Because Tom Brandstetter says so. Tom, a Wisconsinite, is one of the most hardcore Transition organizers in the country. He embodies Transition in every aspect of his life and got Hubbert’s Curve [henna] tattooed on his back to educate his neighbors about peak oil. 

8. Transition Streets. This neighborhood-scale project builds relationships and resilience while saving households money and significantly decreasing their carbon footprint. Help us roll out Transition Streets in the US!

7. To build a networked & strategic national movement. We connect and support regional and local groups to share inspiration, learn from each other, and collaborate on larger initiatives. We’re building off the momentum from Rob Hopkin's tour and laying the foundation for national-level working and strategy groups.

6. Effective Groups. We believe in the power of equipping Transitioners with the skills to collaborate effectively in a post-hierarchical era.

5. Youth. Young people are inheriting a world in upheaval. The greater our efforts to build resilience now, the smoother the Transition will be for future generations.

4. The opportunities are endless: REconomy, Transition Streets, Energy Descent Action Plans, supporting emerging local groups and regional hubs, organizing trainings, reaching new communities. The greater our capacity, the more paradigm-shifting work we can take on.

3. The law of abundance.

2. The future of humanity is at stake. Just sayin’…

1. We’re bringing a new world to life.

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