2018 Transition US Website Redesign Needs Test Users!

Calling Tech-Savvy Transitioners!

One of our priorities in 2018 is an overhaul of the www.TransitionUS.org website.

We will be migrating from our old Drupal platform to an agile new site on Squarespace, which will facilitate easier-than-ever access to our great body of resources. It will also facilitate content-creation and social sharing in a way that is much smoother, simpler and more elegant that our current (and, one might say, outdated) website allows.

If you consider yourself digitally adept and would like to join the web design team or volunteer as a test-user of the new website as we develop it - or if you ever have a blog entry or story to share from your local Transition Initiative - please email nils@transitionus.org any time! We are also always looking for colorful images highlighting Transition in action. Please share your photos with us!

As always, thanks for doing your part to spread this movement and deepen our collective impact.

On with the Transition!

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