430 Gardens and counting!

I am astounded by how this community shows up. In 13 weeks from a slightly crazy idea to help address big problems by planting and revitalizing hundreds of gardens in a single weekend, here we are with 3 days to go, 430 gardens registered and our community lit and aligned, from the water agency to cities, businesses, non-profits, churches, schools and the media...

Whether you have been apart of this collaboration or not, it takes each act and ounce of your support from near and afar. Feeling this big and quick of a mobilization breathes hope into our work this decade to reclaim our future. Wherever you are, pause, breathe, and soak this in. Carry and share this imprint and stories like it as an ember in those dark and downtrodden moments. To make this easier, watch and share this AMAZING Video by Beau Beauverat of TinBike Productions with an original composition by Chris Vibberts!



Words can't get to the amazing contributions people are making in the face of dire challenges, job loss and more. Disengaged seniors are re-engaged, food is being planted for the hungry, sweet 10-year olds are getting their first glimpse of community action, like the adorable Tiana Rose who recently spoke at the Windsor Town Council Meeting with me and encouraged citizens to be a part of the 350 challenge. All across life folks of all ages and stripes are rising to the times.
In a recent series of talks at Esalen, Osmosis Spa and for some young women at a local high school, I was reminded that amidst our flurry of grand green endeavors, it is vital to rest, recharge and reconnect with a sense of sanctity. Visit beautiful and healing places in nature, but also bring this to your everyday life by making sacred nooks in your home and garden. According to a recent study, just minutes at a time can work wonders for mental health. Being recharged and realigned then gives us the space to move beyond our personal worries to be engaged citizens, which can make us happier and healthier. Seeing a pattern here?
So PLEASE join us in this historic endeavor, plant a garden, volunteer and donate! We still need to raise $2,000 this week for the matching grant received from the Sonoma County Water Agency. So your dollars get doubled!!

AND don't forget to come celebrate with us this weekend at the 350 Challenge Community Celebration!



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