Call for Pilots for Transition Streets On-A-Budget

Transition US is looking for up to six coordinators from different parts of the country to pilot Transition Streets On-A-Budget. Each project coordinator is eligible for a $700 stipend.
Ideally each of the pilot locations will help galvanize working families, renters, or those of limited budgets to implement cost and and energy-saving measures.  
Each pilot coordinator will coordinate seven meetings and:
  • Recruit participants (members of 5 -8 households). Outreach materials can be adapted or personalized. 
  • Help to schedule the meetings / location(s)
  • Facilitate at least the first meeting
  • Attend and provide support to those facilitating subsequent meetings
  • Make sure participants have either print or online copies of the handbooks
  • Record (in writing) participant feedback after each session
  • Provide feedback to Transition US at the end of the pilot 
Transition Streets is a tried-and-tested, lifestyle-change project where neighbors come together with neighbors to implement simple no-cost and low-cost actions using a thorough and well-laid-out 128-page illustrated handbook. By using the Transition Streets On-A-Budget Handbook you will SAVE MONEY on household bills (an average of $938/year), REDUCE your annual household carbon emissions (by an average of 1.3 tons!), and BUILD COMMUNITY - all at the same time.  
We are asking pilot coordinators to complete 7 meetings by March 31, 2020. Apply online today!

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