Celebrating Success and Clearing Your Path

Ahhh the wide-ranging highs and woes of waking to our world. Just two days before the 350 Garden Challenge, I sat in a Climate Congress with accomplished civic and non-profit leaders, some of whom are responsible for helping Sonoma County set national-precedent with our innovative and inspiring climate goals and work. While there is much to celebrate, the harsh reality of the climate report card is that we are getting an F. Collectively we are failing at the most obvious choice we have to make, which will impact life on this planet for the next thousand years. Some of what was being said was that we need more behavior change and a grassroots movement. We also need new ways to measure and celebrate small successes to build momentum, since some key climate indicators are slow to change.

Rather than being depressed by the news, I felt more clear, committed and inspired than ever about the work we are doing together to make our lives and communities more self-reliant and resilient. 30 hours later at 9pm on Friday, we hit 500 gardens registered. By Sunday over 620 gardens had been mobilized, planted and revitalized in barely 3 months. Who knows if we can or will do what it takes to avert the catastrophes we are facing. But given the trajectory of our shared efforts and the way you are stepping up, we are going to rock a level of personal and community transformation that will astonish us all.  Keep on showing up and keep an eye on our website as we plan to post images, videos and some of the amazing stories that occurred last weekend.

Two things that are vital to this process are celebrating your successes be they big or small and clearing your path. Every day ask yourself "What needs to be honored and celebrated, right here and now?" What we appreciate appreciates and builds waking momentum, enabling us to confront challenging situations and to transform them. What big challenges are you facing, or more likely not facing, that are preventing you from being more inspired and aligned with your purpose and path?

I spend a lot of time clearing paths in our garden. I clear the path to make compost, share plants with friends, harvest tea, lunch or branches for our cob pizza oven or rocket stove. Our garden is a living, breathing, open source system, both by design and also just by working with what shows up. When we consciously sow what we want and see what¹s obstructing our path as an opportunity for food, fuel, medicine, or abundance to be shared, we creatively discover and learn to celebrate small successes and harvest unexpected gifts. This builds momentum for bigger shifts. By planting backyard ecosystems, we meet our needs and grow our lives more rich and resilient. This gives us the home-scale models, insightful lessons and nature-connection needed to navigate the bigger community changes required.

In the next two weeks we have some SERIOUSLY grand chances for you to build your skills, connections and eco-efficacious abode. This weekend we will  harvest seaweed and dance in the mud to make a cob oven. The following  weekend we will learn how to create a simple greywater system and how to plant a food forest in your yard or neighborhood. We hope to see you soon.    



350 Garden Challange Day 1 from Paul Holowko on Vimeo.

(in cased you missed it, here's the amazing video by Beau Beauverat of TinBike Productions with an original composition by Chris Vibberts!)


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