Great Success! Thanks for helping us make the challenge!

Thank you!!!


On the last night of 2016, with your gracious support and the help of 206 others, we met the $25,000 challenge that was put forth by a generous donor. So together all contributions were matched and overnight became $50,000! We really can't express how much this means to Transition US and how far this support will go. It really does make a world of difference. 


Your support may have come from your attendance at our the annual Transition US event, "The Beginning is Near!" in early December. Perhaps you contributed to the National Transition Gathering crowdfunding campaign, raising funds for our conference in the Twin Cities this summer. You may have purposefully donated to Transition US to help meet the $25,000 Challenge Grant. Or you may be a monthly, quarterly or annual donor whose steady support makes our world go round.


Whichever ways you provided your support - You made it happen and we met the match! 


Together we really are extraordinarily strong. 


We wish you a remarkable year of meaningful interactions, inspired insights, positive momentum, all punctuated with brilliantly hopeful moments. 


Warmest regards from the bottom of our hearts,


Carolyne, Marissa and Nils


PS. Here is a screenshot from the victorious crowdfunding campaign we organized to raise funds directly for the National Gathering coming up in the Summer of 2017. Thanks to all who contributed to this effort and made it a 'win' for Transition.


We are honored to be in community with you all!



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