Growing your Hero self!

Woo-hoo! Spring is here, time for planning our gardens, getting outdoors, and cleaning out the closets! This time of year always brings with it the sense of life renewed. But in these times, as we honor the renewing power of nature, let us also inspire each other with visions of the new world we are building together. These visions are like the seeds we are planting in our lives, and the 'soil' of our lives is the bed of rich dark work we do on ourselves. We also know that seeds must be carefully nurtured in order to grow, this takes finding ways to sustain our energy and motivation. Taking really good care of ourselves is so vital if we want to avoid burnout and see our visions mature. The issues we face on the planet continue to challenge us and for many of us, it can seem so daunting. This is why we are in a time that calls for the greatness that is in in each one of us. This is the time for us to find the best way to blossom our unique gifts. It is not a time for holding back, but 'springing forward', with the clear intention that we can and must build a world that fully addresses the challenges of our times. And in order to do this, we must continue to find great ways to nurture the heroes in ourselves and in each other. To use another analogy, we are each a DIY project. What does your special outfit look like? What scraps and leftovers from your past can you re-use and re-purpose to create the hero you are growing into? What are your powers? Its fun to think about ourselves this way. But I believe it also really, really helpful. Not in an ego, look-at-me way, of course. But most of us have been so beaten down by the tasks of everyday life, much less the visions we hold for the world--we need this kind of boosting up and imagining. We are all still just big kids deep down, that we want to see the good guys win. Well, guess what? We ARE the good guys (and by the way, when I say "guys" it also means "gals", who are rising up in greater numbers than ever) We are a part of a global community of ordinary heroes taking the lead and building a new life for ourselves and the planet, one based on real caring. This is why the Inner Transition work is so important. By taking time from our busyness to heal, to really grieve, to connect with nature, to laugh, to enjoy each other-- we build our resilience so that we have the inner resources to do what is our important task to serve. And it informs our understanding and our philosophies as well. What is your personal heroic journey? How are you becoming a hero in your own life or for others? I salute you.

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