Guest blog: Into the Heart

Here is a guest blog post by Pat Benson, TUS Board Member and organizer with Transition Northfield, MN. Also featured in the December Transition US Newsletter.


At a recent church convention I saw a t-shirt that quoted Robin Williams as saying. “No matter what you believe, there's bound to be at least one other Episcopalian who agrees with you.” The same might be said of the role of spirituality or the sacred in the Transition Movement. 

When it comes to inner transition, many people might agree to language that describes it as ‘a change of heart’.  For some this means connection to a spiritual worldview.  Others recognize the path leading to ecopsychology, an understanding of grief and addiction behaviors. 

Cultural narratives often describe a way of being with the environment, which may include a spiritual context.  Many people observe environmental brokenness and feel a need to reconnect with and honor the natural world.  Some just like being outside and don’t really care to analyze why it makes them feel good. People journey down a different road, but each contributes wisdom to the community’s work on inner transition. 

While Transition US doesn’t endorse a particular world view, we welcome and honor all journeys of inner transition.  And if you hang around long enough, chances are good you might find another Transitioner who agrees with you!

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