HeartBeats: What does "The Revolution is Love" really mean?

Perhaps many of you have seen the viral video of Charles Eisenstein called "the Revolution is Love". If you haven't, take a look here.

I’ve been in the middle of big life stuff and out ‘in the field’ a lot lately, lending my two hands in my own small way to this big transition. But now, I am stepping back to reflect on the subject matter that has been on the forefront for me and many others—the nature of love and how this applies in practical ways to our building a new culture of commerce and communication.

First, I am asking myself why I am so compelled to promote ideas and events around the ideas of love, compassion, and giving? (I guess I could ask why am I doing “heart and soul” while I am at it)

Is it because I have been immersed in the intellectual and academic and yearn for a less ‘heady’ approach?

Is it because I have deep scars of abandonment and heartbreak and I am seeking healing?

Is it because I am just a touchy-feely, sentimental, romantic female and maybe, a little nuts(I hope so)?

Well, yeah…

But if all that’s true, one thing is for sure—I’ve got lots of great company!  Hey; this love stuff—it’s where the party is!

But anyway, how do we talk about love without falling into vague clichés or sentimentalism? Perhaps it's challenging because there is a translation process from something so deeply experiential. But to be sure, bringing the concept of love into the conversation about a new economy, and pretty much everything we do for transforming the fossil fuel and consumer-based paradigm, should be of utmost importance.

And we cannot look at what this means collectively without looking at what this really means for us individually. How can we bring love to our consciousness when it really matters during those time of upset or apathy; or conflict with others? How do we more effectively do our lives with love; from the heart; as a tangible and present part of our conversation in all aspects of our lives?

We need practical direction and tangible results. Something simple to remember and something to trip the switches when we fall into those stuck places that affect our well-being and those around us. Doing this individually is doing this for the whole. There is no separation. And doing it as a whole means that we subsidize enterprises that truly consider the planet and the health and welfare of its inhabitants.

This is the big picture; the new big picture that many of us are now ‘painting’.

One thing I am convinced of: to live in these times and work towards positive change is nothing less than heroic. To be heroic; one must have courage. And remember the root of meaning in the word courage means to have “heart”

To have heart is to be in one’s heart; to live from the heart. This is the essence of being a hero. And this is the kind of hero we all need to be in these times.

And, quite often, being courageous means we face demons in ourselves and in our society with resolve—resolve that they no longer will be running the show. (Maybe one creative way we can shift our perception of them is seeing that being in charge for them is a burden and we are doing them a favor by releasing them of that strain!)

Eisenstein says in the video that Love is the felt experience of connection to another being and that shared creativity and gifts bring us together and facilitate this experience of connection.  Another’s happiness is our happiness. The expansion of the self is to include each other. There is nothing to fight, no other to fight. To live heroically is what I choose to promote. Giving. Sharing. Being together doing things that support the community as a whole.

So how am I applying this to Transition?

These last few weeks as part of the our Heart and Soul group, we have been launching a community “gift circle,” have led a flash mob-like “Love parade”; had a community Love talent show, our monthly “Heartsing” event and last but not least, a wonderful presentation on the latest science of the heart and a heart-focused meditation.

All through these events, I’ve been diving deeper into understanding what it really means to ‘live from the heart, and of course, this is how it applies to how I show up in daily life; especially where I find myself irritated, reactive, judgemental---what? I can’t have my feelings? Hmmm. Well, I can have my feelings, but I just don’t want to wallow in them. I just don’t want to live that way. Once upon a time, having conflict and interpersonal drama gave me excitement and something for my mind to do, to figure out. And if I was sure all the facts pointed to my being ‘right’, well then, it was a field day for my ego. But now, I’m just tired of it all. It never seems to get anyone anywhere, all this barking and complaining; whether it’s in the family or on TV, or at a meeting. I’m bored. There’s got to be something better than this!

So, ok, I’m going to throw all my chips in for love. Whatever that means. 

I’m sure we’ll figure it out as we go along.

Stay tuned to my next post for more thoughts, resources and practical tools for facilitating the shift to a love based culture. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear what YOU think!

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