Mike Ruppert and Dmitry Orlov — Presentations and Conversations


At the GreenLife EcoFest on May 22, 2011 in Grass Valley, California, Dmitry Orlov presented "The Twilight of the Antipodes and the Cultural Flip" about swapping the market economy for gift economies, as humans have done throughout most of history.

He was followed by Michael C. Ruppert, announcing the presence of a new species on the planet — "Post-Petroleum Human." Afterwards Dmitry and Mike shared the podium with a question and answer session. Listen to Mike's presentation on The Lifeboat Hour radio show. Videos from the event are being produced; I'll post the link when they're available.

110522_ruppert_181.jpgIn our Peak Moment Conversation, Mike Ruppert spoke about his observation of this new species of human that is emerging. Post-Petroleum Humans are not distinguished by physical characteristics but by a state of consciousness. They are reaching back into the long human history to remember their essential connection to Mother Earth and all of Life. And they are forging a path to relocalizing their lives while shedding their need for the artifacts and services of this planet-destroying industrial civilization. He also spoke about his work at CollapseNet, daily disseminating important news, empowering members to find one another in their region, and providing other resources. Mike is the author of Confronting Collapse, and the star of the movie Collapse.





110522_dimitry_181.jpgRaised in the Soviet Union, Dmitry emigrated in his teens to the US, but visited the USSR during and after its collapse. His book Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects draws similarities between the Soviet collapse and what's now happening in the US. In our Conversation, he pointed out that the USSR was more resilient than America, because they didn't have the efficient but vulnerable delivery systems the US has. Dmitry encourages people to simplify and reduce their needs. I'm fascinated by his choice to live with his wife aboard a sailboat, and his idea of creating forest gardens on little-used tropical islands. View his presentation here.

(Photos courtesy of Darren Aboulafia, CollapseNet.)

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