Pacific Northwest Tour - Schedule of videotapings

Here's the schedule of programs we'll be taping in our 2010 Pacific Northwest Tour. I plan to blog each taping. Join us! Click the RSS icon on Janaia's journal to get email notice when a new blog is up.


3         Ashland, OR: Backyard garden CSA
4-6      Cottage Grove, OR: Aprovecho Center, human-powered machines, rocket stoves
8         Alpine, OR: Sharing garden
11        Portland, OR: Cargo bikes
12        Portland, OR: Little urban villages
14        Portland, OR: Tools library
            Portland, OR: Dignity Village (date TBD)
16        Portland, OR: Columbia Eco-village
18        Portland, OR: Urban CSA (invited)
19        Portland, OR: Straw Bale House
21        Portland, OR: Fruit Tree Gleaning
23        Portland, OR: Independence Valley, WA: Earthen house
24        Olympia, WA: Tiny mobile house
25        Olympia, WA: Bakery CSA
28        Seattle, WA: Simple living
28        Seattle, WA: Undriving
29        Seattle, WA: Home remodel and energy retrofit
30        Bainbridge Island, WA: David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy
30        Bainbridge Island, WA: Yes! magazine staff


3        Bellingham, WA: Manifesting your dream
4        Bellingham, WA: Mobile chicken harvester
5        Bellingham, WA: Innovative farm/CSA (invited)
6        Whidbey Island, WA: Vicki Robin, your money or your life
8        Port Townsend, WA: Community gardens
9        Port Townsend, WA: Investing locally
9        Port Townsend, WA: Neighbors organizing for emergencies
10        Port Townsend, WA: Bicycle enthusiast offering free repairs
12        Victoria, B.C.: Guy Dauncey, 101 Solutions to Global Warming
12        Victoria, B.C.: Haultain Boulevard garden
13        Victoria, B.C.: Eco-sensible house
14        Shawnigan Lake, B.C.: O.U.R. Ecovillage
15        Gabriola Island, B.C.: New Society Publishers Staff
20        Astoria, OR: Titanic Lifeboat Academy
21        Eugene, OR: Center for Alternative Transportation (invited)
22        Corvallis, OR: Grain and Bean project
23        Eugene, OR: a family transformed by peak oil
26        Crescent City, CA: Derrick Jensen, Endgame
27        Arcata, CA: Lierre Keith, sustainable agriculture
29        Grass Valley, CA: Reta Lawler, lessons for dying cultures

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