'Ready Together' Emergency Preparedness Guide is Launching... And You Can Help!

Join the 'Ready Together' Roll-Out Today!


Greetings, Transition Family!


We’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the national roll-out of Ready Together, a fun and simple project bringing neighbors together in communities all across the country to take practical action steps toward emergency preparedness.

Transition US is inviting each one of you to join in this grassroots funding campaign! We’re raising $5,000 to develop our new Ready Together Handbook and spread this project far and wide! Will you make a contribution to this vital effort today?

2017 was a record year for environmental disasters in the United States, with 16 major events costing over $1 billion each, including unprecedented wildfires, Category 4 and 5 hurricanes, and record-breaking floods. How can we most effectively prepare for this “new normal” fueled by the global climate crisis before the next round of super-charged calamities hit us right where we live?

One essential strategy is to prepare our households and neighborhoods to respond in a collaborative and coordinated way. That's why we are asking you to help us launch a nationwide Community Resilience = Emergency Preparednesscampaign designed to help you and your community become "ready for anything."  

This campaign includes a new series of webinars and workshops that will be offered all over the country, podcasts and peer learning cohorts, and Ready Together: A Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Handbook. This self-guided Handbook will be supplemented by Outreach and Facilitation Guides that you can use to rally your neighbors to explore low and no-cost actions, collect essential supplies, and develop an emergency response plan. A Community of Practice, facilitated by Transition US, will provide additional, ongoing support for community leaders.

Your support (and your active participation!) will not only strengthen our collective effort to promote emergency preparedness and build stronger communities: it will feel good! Imagine yourself, your family and your neighbors feeling more prepared, more resilient, more connected, less stressed-out... Take a step today toward making your neighborhood a beacon of resilience. Join Ready Together today!

Also -- this is very important -- please take a moment to share this in your network. Share this opportunity with your local Transition group, share this on Facebook, and spread the word on other social media, and let your friends know you’re raising funds to bring this emergency preparedness curriculum to your neighborhood!

Join this grassroots movement to build resilient community from the ground up!

Support the 'Ready Together' National Roll-Out!



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