Resources and Ideas from the June TUS Tele-Salon

In the June Tele-salon, we had Transition folks (and those interested in the Transition movement) calling in from Palm Beach, FL; Palo Alto, CA; Gilroy, CA; Missoula, MT; Los Angeles, CA; and San Diego, CA.

The following topics were discussed through an open dialogue space.


  • The Palm Beach mulling group is getting up and running with plans to start a time bank in the coming months, and Transition Town Missoula is moving forward with their time bank as well
  • Participants celebrated the opportunity that Transition creates for building community and increasing interpersonal connections 
  • One caller expressed excitement for discovering the Transition movement and the opportunities for coordinating with other organizations

Challenges & Discussion:

1. Taking action

  • One suggestion for getting groups in motion is to utilize regular events and to working in small groups.
  • Transition Palo Alto has had success with hosting regular film events. Here’s a blog post from Transition Culture about the top ten films chosen by Transition Initiatives. And an inspirational film recommended by Transition Town Missoula is Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farm Fields.

2. Succession planning for Transition leadership  

  • One resource mentioned on the call is the recording of the Transition US teleseminar on Making the Shift from Initiating Group to New Core Team
  • It was also suggested to use online resources to document and share resources that clarify roles and tasks undertaken by current leadership.

3. Getting up to speed on Transition: there were a couple people on the call that were new to transition and wanted more information on the movement:

4. Time banks:

  • On the call, three groups (Missoula, Palm Beach, and Palo Alto) shared about their Transition activities associated with starting up time banks, and there was a suggestion to have incorporate more skill sharing opportunities as part of these time banks.
  • Some other examples of other time banks that are organized by Transition groups or collaborating with Transition groups

For those of you that have yet to participate in our monthly Tele-salons, these are an open dialogue space where Transition Initiative leaders around the US meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, feel empowered, and learn together. We hope you join us on a future call!

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