Resources and Ideas from the May TUS Tele-salon

In the May Tele-salon, we had Transition folks calling in from Gilroy, CA; Columbus, OH; San Diego, CA; Houston, TX; New York City, NY; Chicago, IL; and Santa Cruz, CA.

Open dialogue space was used to facilitate a conversation on celebrations, challenges, and brainstorming. Below is a summary of highlights from the call.


  • Gilroy has been producing videos as a way of promoting their Transition work.
  • In Columbus, they’ve been partnering with university students to create green maps for their community.


  • How to partner more with the greater community and other organizations
  • How to keep volunteers and organizers engaged (avoid burnout)
  • How to be a change agent and connect this work with more meaning
  • How to engage youth


  1. Youth Engagement:
  • The Institute for Cultural Affairs in Chicago has had success in their outreach to local schools. They’ve partnered with university professors to incorporate Transition themes and to involve a civic engagement component in their courses. They’ve also had a successful summer internship program with 40 student interns working 2.5 months. One project these interns have supported is documenting social and environmental actions happening in 77 Chicago neighborhoods. They’re working on an online map to share this information.
  • It was noted that in one person’s experience, youth actually liked the lack of Transition offices. Rather than working out of an office, youth interns and volunteers can be more of a “travelling team.” However, it was recommended to have some structures/rhythms in place for the youth to plug into, for example, periodic meetings and check-ins.
  • One Tele-salon participant suggested setting up a Transition Corps, similar to the Peace Corps.
  • Another suggestion was to use social media to reach out to more youth.
  • Reskilling is a particular area of Transition that often attracts younger people.
  • A potential partner that’s already working with youth is the 4-H. A related group that is often connected with 4-H clubs are the Granges

For those of you that have yet to participate in our monthly Tele-salons, these are an open dialogue space where Transition Initiative leaders around the US meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, feel empowered, and learn together. We hope you join us on a future call!

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