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Transition US is currently partnering with the Hubs group of the international Transition Network to harvest stories of Transition initiatives and related organizations who are working closely with their local governments to build resilience and foster positive change. The initial deadline to submit case studies is Saturday, September 30th, so if you think you might have something that fits this bill, don't delay!

Projects that are selected to proceed to Stage 2 in October 2017 will receive a portion of the $21,000-$27,000 that has been allocated to provide seed-funding for Municipalities in Transition activities. Out of these Stage 2 projects, three will be chosen for a full pilot in 2018.

Municipalities in Transition has been launched in an effort to establish a clear framework for how Transition groups and local governments can best collaborate. This will involve developing a strong evidence base as well as a vibrant community of practice, which will support more decision-makers to engage with Transition-inspired approaches.

Ungersheim en TransitionHere are just a few great examples of how this is already happening around the world:

  • Transition Italy has forged a partnership with the Emilia Romagna branch of the Italian Association of Municipalities, and as a result, 300 municipalities are now involved in the Covenant of Mayors carbon-saving network.
  • In the UK, Transition group Sustainable Frome formed “Independents for Frome” to elect candidates to their Town Council. Their philosophy of “Flatpack Democracy” describes the more participatory way they make decisions to bring about a more sustainable future for Frome.
  • In Ungersheim, France, Transition has been fully taken on by the municipality itself, producing outcomes that include a local currency, a PassivHaus co-housing development, new local food businesses, and the largest solar installation in their region.
  • The Transition Spain Hub has delivered Transition Training courses to three different local governments, and is starting to help them connect more deeply with the general public and incorporate Transition solutions into their operations.

If your case study is not quite as robust as those described above, don't worry! You are welcome to submit projects in all stages of implementation: design stage, just started, fully developed, going on for a long time, or recently concluded (over the past year).

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For more information about the Municipalities in Transition project, please click here. To submit your case study, click here.

If you have additional questions, you are more than welcome to contact international project coordinator Ana Huertas at or Transition US project liaison Don Hall at

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