Sponsor Spotlight: IPS Solar, Inc.

Innovative Power Systems

Sponsor Spotlights are a series of short interviews designed to introduce you to some of the amazing organizations who actively supported our recent Transition US National Gathering, which took place in St. Paul, Minnesota at the end of July. This post focuses on Innovative Power Systems, Inc., a provider of solar energy systems to communities around Minnesota since 1991.

Please start by telling us a little bit more about who you are and what you do.

IPS Solar is a full-service solar developer and installer, based in Saint Paul. While we have always done residential and small commercial solar projects, we are very excited to be able to broaden the solar industry in Minnesota in two important ways: welcoming people of color into solar jobs, and developing community solar gardens (CSGs) for school districts, churches, and municipalities.

What inspired you to get involved in helping to sponsor the Transition US National Gathering?

I personally know many of the local Transition leaders, and I always want to share what I do and help people figure out how to gain access to solar technology. So, connecting the dots looks like fun to me!

Where do you see similarities between the work of your organization and that of the Transition Towns movement? From your perspective, what are the main differences?

IPS Solar is a “for-profit” business, and as an electrical contractor, we are engaged in a specialty area of construction. We don’t do community organizing per se. On the other hand, we do a lot of education and community outreach (in business we call it marketing), and we connect in helping people in the community understand how they can gain better control of their energy use, and access solar technology.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers and those who attended our National Gathering?

We are happy to discuss all things solar, whatever they are!

For more information about IPS Solar, please visit www.solar.mn. You can learn more about our recent National Gathering at www.TransitionGathering.org.

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