Surfing Spring's Surge...

Good day my friends,

I trust you are surfing spring's surge with grace and inspired action or at least treading water with compassion and a smile. It's a funny and humbling thing trying to tune into nature's rhythms, catching bee swarms, grafting fruit trees, sowing seeds and reviving our sense of place between meetings and deadlines. But each time we catch that glimpse of wonder and feed our connection it sticks a bit more.

Recently a NY Times study showed that the number one type of article forwarded were ones, which conveyed a sense of awe. Awe is a powerful emotion. We need and are fed by a sense of connection that brings us deeply into the moment. Even more, we want to share this, to connect with others in this way.

In recent weeks we've finished planting the food forest gardens at Petaluma's Cavanagh Center and Cotati's Pocket Park, guided by stellar landscape partners from Permaculture Artisans and Equinox Landscape.  As we transform wasteful lawns into lush, productive ecosystems we connect to nature and each other as our sense of wonder and awe grows. From these incredible landscape transformations to the awe-inspiring speakers at the up and coming Sustainable Enterprise Conference there are lots of ways to grow lit and aligned.

Photo: Cavanagh Center Food Forest Planting Day

Photo: Sheet mulching waterwise Demonstration Garden Cotati Town Hub

Inspired action and vision rooted in nature's wisdom are a powerful force. I'm amazed at how quickly this community can mobilize behind a vision that is right for our time. In barely over a month with support from dozens of non-profits, businesses, schools and municipal partners, the 350 Garden Challenge has taken off and even inspired another collective to take on a 350 Garden Challenge. If you aren't involved yet, join this historic effort to turn our communities into a water-wise delectable edible paradise!

Last weekend while speaking at Transition Whatcom's Great Unleashing in Bellingham Washington, I was reminded that there are amazing people living up to these times everywhere you go. It's a blessed meditation to pause and feel this community coming into cadence to reclaim our future. To know that growing this sense of awe-fed connection doesn't just feel good but is also a vital and infectious sustainability strategy. As a board member of Transition U.S., I feel excited to learn from this rapidly growing network and bring some of the Daily Acts verve to the larger movement.

Lastly a bit of April Fools. Some of you may be wondering about the recent environmental hero award nomination. First, thank you so much for voting if you did. While we find out the winner tomorrow, it was a gift to be nominated. Though somehow through a glitch in the system, it was put out to the public when really just the breakfast attendees are voting! It seems that whether we feel under-resourced and recognized or in the light of appreciation there is struggle and a diversity of ways to get humbled. Though with votes coming in from as far as Africa, I feel your LUV. What is no joke is how amazing this community is and that whether you feel you are surfing the surge or treading water, your daily acts matter immensely.



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