Taking Practical Action Toward Resilience: Transition Charlotte's Edible Gardens

This post is part of a series called “Taking Practical Action Toward Resilience” highlighting inspiring actions that people and communities across the country are taking as part of this year's Transition Challenge.

Written by Ruah Swennerfelt, Core Group Member, Transition Charlotte, VT

Charlotte, Vermont’s Transition US May Challenge For the second year in a row, Transition Town Charlotte is hosting some edible gardens on town land. Last year we began with a potato garden next to the Library, which is on the town green along with Town Hall. In the fall we harvested the potatoes and hosted a “Spud Fest” to try out folks’ potato recipes. The remainders were donated to the local food shelf. It was quite fun.

This year we are starting a new bed for the potatoes (they do some of the tilling work for gardeners) and planting cherry and regular tomatoes and pole beans in the old bed. The children who are p

art of this summers “Dig Into Reading” Library program are learning about gardening and will build a bean teepee as well as some fairy houses. They will enjoy the garden’s bean teepee and decorate it as well as spend time reading inside it. We will also be removing some non-native bushes and replacing them with blueberries and other edibles. During the summer the children will enjoy the cherry tomatoes a

nd blueberries. At harvest time we will once again host a Spud Fest and enjoy the potato, bean, and tomato recipes that the town folk produce. What a way to educate, change attitudes about landscaping, and have fun! You can learn more about TT Charlotte at www.transitioncharlottevt.org

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