Taking Practical Action Toward Resilience: Transition Mar Vista/Venice's Eco-Safe Home and Body Care Workshop

This post is part of a series called “Taking Practical Action Toward Resilience” highlighting inspiring actions that people and communities across the country are taking as part of this year's Transition Challenge.

Transition Mar Vista/Venice hosted a hands-on Eco-Safe Home and Body Care Products workshop on May 11. The event featured sessions led by members of this local Transition group, including Jenn Wedlake, Agnes Anderson, and Michele de la Rosa.

Kicking off the event, Jenn, who is co-founder of the home- and body-care company Refyll, gave an overview of the chemicals commonly found in conventional home and body care products. She then shared the history of her company as an example of a model for creating a market for eco-safe products.

Next, Agnes Anderson guided the group in taking a closer look at home cleaning products. She shared some ideas for simple, inexpensive ingredients that people may already have on hand – like vinegar, 

salt, lemons, baking soda, olive oil and hydrogen peroxide – that can be used as home cleaning products. Favorites included an all-purpose vinegar spray, an oven cleaning paste and a wood floor cleaner. The group learned how to decode the names of some undesirable petroleum products that may be lurking in the ingredients list of products commonly used for household cleaning. Additionally, Agnes shared recent research from the Environmental Working Group regarding green products.

The workshop wrapped up with Michele teaching attendees to make a homemade olive oil moisturizer with only three ingredients (beeswax, olive oil, and water). Attendees were encouraged to bring their own glass containers to take home the moisturizer, and part of the workshop included a discussion on reusable solutions to replacing disposable packaging and wasteful delivery methods.


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