Welcoming Our New Communications and Outreach Coordinator!

Transition US is excited to announce the newest addition to the staff, Ratih Sutrisno, as our part-time Communications and Outreach Coordinator! We look forward to her support in helping Transition US clarify its message, broaden its reach, and energize Transition Movement here in the United States.

Deeply rooted in her family’s Indonesian culture, Ratih Sutrisno is an interdisciplinary communicator and designer, passionate about the efforts underway to build thriving, resilient community. Coming from a background in environmental and social justice, she believes that effective communication is vital to broadening the movement to build a just and equitable economy that works for all people and the planet. Ratih is based in Chicago, IL where she works as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator at Transition US. She holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management and Interdisciplinary Design from the University of Minnesota. Outside of work, you can probably find Ratih coaching CrossFit, tending to her houseplants, or making brunch in her co-op kitchen.

Please join us in welcoming Ratih to the Transition US team!

Ratih Sutrisno, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

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