By Shante' Sojourn Zenith

painted by Shante’ Sojourn Zenith

Transition US is honored to share our progress in expanding participation and grassroots leadership in our wider movement to build resilient community by introducing the members of the 2018 Collaborative Design Council!

Transition US has published its annual review, highlighting our accomplishments and detailing our metrics from the 2017 calendar year. Enjoy!

2017 in Review

Calling Tech-Savvy Transitioners!

One of our priorities in 2018 is an overhaul of the website.

The first-ever Transition US National Gathering (and the follow-up Leadership Retreat and Movement Strategy Session) was a great success!

Municipalities in Transition Logo

Innovative Power Systems

Sponsor Spotlights are a series of short interviews designed to introduce you to some of the amazing organizations who actively supported our recent Transition US National Gathering, which took place in St. Paul, Minnesota at the end of July. This post focuses on Innovative Power Systems, Inc., a provider of solar energy systems to communities around Minnesota since 1991.

by Shante’ Sojourn Zenith.

It seems fairly clear that, whatever our stance regarding conflict, efforts spent now to learn practical skills, become more self-sufficient, and form bonds of trust with neighbors will pay off in the long run. —Richard Heinberg1

While there are many "wounds" the Transition movement is working to heal, perhaps the deepest of these is disconnection—from our authentic selves, from the earth, and from each other. —Don Hall

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