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In phase one of our “From What Is to What If” national campaign, we are inviting you to envision a better future with us. Positive visioning has been a key aspect of the Transition approach from the very beginning because of its ability to catalyze new ideas and perspectives, and ground our community resilience-building work in a sense of credible hope and possibility.

Permaculture Circle

Closing circle at the 2018 Building Resilient Communities Convergence in Hopland, California. Photo by the author.

Stay at Home

Many Italians played music and sang from their balconies during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What If Quote

A particularly memorable quote from Transition Movement co-founder Rob Hopkins’ 2008 Transition Handbook.

Growing Seeds

Dear friends and fellow Transitioners,

In this introduction to 10 Stories of Transition in the US, Transition US Co-Director Don Hall explores the past, present, and future potential of the international Transition Towns Movement. As Hall explains, Transition is an innovative and continually-evolving approach to cultivating community-based sustainability, which just might hold some of the keys to unlocking a better world for us all.

Thrive Circle

Transition US is currently developing the first online version of Transition Thrive Training and we would like your input!

2018 Collaborative Design Council

Municipalities in Transition Logo

Innovative Power Systems

Sponsor Spotlights are a series of short interviews designed to introduce you to some of the amazing organizations who actively supported our recent Transition US National Gathering, which took place in St. Paul, Minnesota at the end of July. This post focuses on Innovative Power Systems, Inc., a provider of solar energy systems to communities around Minnesota since 1991.

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