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(Thanks to Jim Belcher of Transition Orlando for submitting this piece to the Transition US Community Blog)

Guest blog post by David Johnson - originally posted 15 Feb 2011 at Transition Voice

Guest blog post by Katy Locke, originally posted on the Keene Transition Movement's Community Website and Blog, January 28, 2010.


Over 40 folks from Sonoma Valley, the Bay Area and beyond attended the two-day, one-evening workshop,Training for Transition: Building Resilient Communities for a Post-Carbon World. Among the participants were Mayor Laurie Gallian, and Councilman Ken Brown. 

Reposted from the Sustainable Berea blog
Every day brings further evidence of economic and financial fragility. The International Energy Agency reports that global oil production has peaked, which combined with a looming peak in energy obtained from coal means an end to economic growth.

Here is a guest blog post by Pat Benson, TUS Board Member and organizer with Transition Northfield, MN. Also featured in the December Transition US Newsletter.


At a recent church convention I saw a t-shirt that quoted Robin Williams as saying. “No matter what you believe, there's bound to be at least one other Episcopalian who agrees with you.” The same might be said of the role of spirituality or the sacred in the Transition Movement. 

Here is a guest blog from David Johnson…(also posted on - see also recordings and notes from the sessions.

Here is a guest blog post from Erik Lindberg of Transition Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Originally posted here.

Here is a guest blog post from Shauna Struby of Transition OKC in Oklahoma, originally posted here.

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