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One of the most brilliant, well-written pieces I have read about the economy is "The Wrong Tree" (as in "Barking up the ..."). Written by Jerry Mander of the International Forum on Globalization, it is found as part of the introduction to the the latest publication of peak oil sage Richard Heinberg.

First, about Heinberg: Richard Heinberg 's Searching for a Miracle: 'Net Energy' Limits and the Fate of Industrialized Society is a serious analysis of just about every form of alternative energy and its potential (read: lack of potential) to fulfill our energy demands as we devour the declining second half of our planetary oil supply.

Murders, political scandals, celebrity escapades ... mainstream media feeds a willing public a steady diet of it.  The American public spends hours on the stuff, immersed in the horror tales and vapid sagas all played out on bigger-bigger-still-bigger plasma screens. 

But in the early 1990s I figured it out:  you don't have to read the news.  You don't have to watch the TV, you don't have to listen to the radio, you don't have to take the "news" as media dishes it out.  You can turn it off.  You can step aside. 


Climate change says we should change
whereas peak oil says we will be forced to change.

-- Rob Hopkins


Here in the U.S., the film "An Inconvenient Truth" made awesome strides in informing the general public about the reality of global warming.  The April 2007 Step It Up campaign got people in 1,400 U.S. sites involved in activism.  This month's campaign  will advance public awareness in two ways:  Firstly, the Oct 2009 Day of Action is unfolding internationally, so it is an opportunity for citizens in non-U.S. countries to get involved, and secondly, it informs the general public about the target, the end goal.

The Totnes pound has captured the attention of Transition initiatives worldwide.  But local currencies aren't the only way of sharing finances within communities.  There are time banks, LETS systems, barter, plus a whole realm of alternative sharing arrangements -- many of which are quite easy to set up and implement. 

The "12 Steps" (or "12 Guidelines") to Transition encourage us to form bridges to local government.  But sometimes government drops opportunity right in our laps. 

Last week, in response to a governor's order, California issued a "Climate Adaptation Strategy" in draft form for public comment.  Catch that last part:  for public comment.  They're asking for our opinion on it.  They want to hear from us. 

ALL of us.


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