Cutting Your Car Use

Imagine living where every child can walk or cycle to school in safety, where local businesses thrive and where a car is not essential to enjoy life. Picture how different your neighborhood would be with fewer moving cars. Think how much better your life might be if you were in a car less often...

Cutting down on the time you spend in cars will save you money, benefit your health and improve everyone's quality of life. Cutting Your Car Use is a practical guide for people who want to reduce their car dependency by making simple changes to their travel habits, or by sharing or giving up their car. It helps readers to:

  • Understand the real cost of car use
  • Evaluate alternatives to personal car ownership
  • Plan trips using a mix of transportation modes.

Originally released in the UK where it has sold over 60,000 copies, this edition is specially rewritten for North America. It contains a special section on talking with employers about travel alternatives, and a helpful directory of further resources.

Ghent, Randall
New Society Publishers

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