Eco Village Living

Ecovillage Living is a full-color guide to everything you've always wanted to know about ecovillages, from the people behind them to the tools to make them happen. If you have ever dreamed of natural housing, to know your neighbors, and a more harmonious lifestyle then this is the book for you. This is an unprecedented how-to and why account of ecovillage living, and a vibrant story of people spearheading a lifestyle that is rapidly becoming a new global culture. Here, you will find articles and interviews with ecological builders, water treatment experts, ecovillage designers, mediators, permaculturists, spiritual thinkers, localization activists, and other ecovillage pioneers from around the world. Ecovillage Living is built around the ecological, social, and cultural-spiritual dimensions of ecovillages, each of which is subdivided into five core elements. It displays inspiring, colorful pictures and full-page photo galleries of ecovillages around the globe, visual testimonies to their richness and diversity. The book also provides an extensive list of related resources and contacts.

Chelsea Green

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