The Transition Companion

This book seeks to answer the question:

“What would it look like if the best responses to peak oil and climate change came not from committees and Acts of Parliament, but from you and me, and the people around us?”

For the first Transition Handbook, published in 2008, this was pretty much a speculative question, but with this new book we are able to draw from what has, in effect, been a four-year worldwide experiment, and attempt to try to put the Transition idea into practice.

This book is a move away from The Twelve Steps of Transition that underpinned the work of Transition initiatives up to this point toward a more holistic, more appropriate model. It imagines the work involved in transforming the place you live from its current highly vulnerable, unresilient, oil-dependent state to a resilient, more localized, diverse, and nourishing place, as a journey.

With this book, the author has created a highly useful companion on the journey toward community resilience. It is rich with stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, of tried and tested tools, and offers many of the ingredients you may find you need to create this process where you live.

The way it has been created embodies this sense of collaboration and creativity. Each of the tools and ingredients was written in draft and posted to the author's blog,, as well as on the Transition Network’s site. Comments and feedback were invited. Transition initiatives around the world were invited to send in their stories and photos, which abound in this book.

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