Water Stewardship

In Water Stewardship: A 30 Day Program to Protect and Conserve Our Water Resources... One Drop at a Time, environmental behavior-change pioneer David Gershon uses his time-tested methodology to empower readers to take an active role in improving the quality and availability of one of our most precious resources. This immensely readable illustrated handbook guides readers through 32 behavior-change actions and action plans for each of three topics: water quality, water conservation and community volunteering/advocacy. Employing Gershon’s acclaimed EcoTeam model—which has helped more than 250,000 people around the world reduce their environmental footprint by 25 percent—Water Stewardship gives readers the concrete tools they need to make a meaningful impact on water preservation and conservation. This book will also be of interest to any watershed organization or local government involved in watershed protection, as it provides an effective and scalable program for reducing household non–point-source pollution. Water Stewardship has the power to move citizens beyond awareness to behavior change, and generate enough participation to make a measurable difference in non–point-source pollution in their watershed.

Chelsea Green

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