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Preserving the Past to Serve the Future: Using Pre-fossil Fuel Technology on Regional Waterways

By Andrew Willner, Transition NYC Bioregion, for the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH)

Transitioning includes reinvigoration of heirloom technologies and traditional skills needed to thrive in a carbon-constrained future. Permaculture, which birthed the Transition environmental movement, offers guidance on how to use those skills to design superb quality lives.

Woo-hoo! Spring is here, time for planning our gardens, getting outdoors, and cleaning out the closets! This time of year always brings with it the sense of life renewed.

Perhaps many of you have seen the viral video of Charles Eisenstein called "the Revolution is Love". If you haven't, take a look here.

Hello Transition Community!

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There is a huge amount of information available to the Transition Movement. This resource section is a work in progress, designed to help you speed the Transition process in your community. We are always looking to expand our resources. Please email any suggestions to

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