Community Resilience Challenge Action Ideas (Community)

  • Talk to your neighbors about community resilience
  • Pass on this community resilience resource guide to friends and family
  • Share things you don't use everyday (car, vacuum cleaner, tools, etc.) with your neighbors
  • Have a block party and come up with a neighborhood action plan
  • Host a potluck to share ideas, successes and pool resources
  • Help a neighbor participate in the Community Resilience Challenge
  • Invite a friend to help you plant your garden and then return the favor
  • Organize a walk to tour the stellar gardens of your community
  • Grow enough to share or trade
  • Tend space with friends in a community garden
  • Save seeds, propagate perennials or annual starts to share with others
  • Each one, teach one — what skills do you have that you can share with others?
  • Get the kids involved — they’re the ones inheriting the earth
  • Connect with your elders to learn the wisdom of simpler times—trade labor for knowledge 
  • Organize a Permablitz or work PARTY — get your friends together to knock out a project and then celebrate! 
  • Instead of driving, chaperone a walking or biking bus to school for your kids and their friends
  • Make sitting down to share a fresh home-cooked meal a routine with family and friends

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