Building Bridges: Healing Dialogue Series

Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 10:00am - 12:00pm

All times Pacific. Please click here to register for any or all sessions for free. For more information, email

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Presented by the Inner Resilience Network, Transition US, Transition Network, and Common Ground Networks.

In order to create the more sustainable, just, and resilient future that our hearts know is possible, we need to learn how to connect with allies outside our familiar circles and work together in solidarity with frontline communities who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, widening economic inequality, and systemic oppression. To do this requires healing, reconciliation, and evolving our cultural understanding.

Throughout this interactive online dialogue series, we will deepen our understanding of ourselves and others and discuss ways we can cultivate relationships across cultural differences. One of the core beliefs underlying this series is that we all hold an essential piece of the collective wisdom that is needed by the whole. With the intention of weaving together a more diverse, inclusive and influential movement for social change, we will explore successful models for building resilience in disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

More information about each session is included below. Each of these sessions will begin with a short meditation, an introduction to the dialogue process, and group agreements. We invite individuals and groups from across the globe to join us for as much of this series as you can. These events will be in English, but breakout discussions may be held in other languages and we welcome help translating our recordings. The questions and wisdom we harvest from this series will be used to inform a Building Bridges Summit that will be held in January of 2020. 

Who Are We?

First Dialogue

Saturday, October 19th, 10am-noon Pacific

This first dialogue will focus on our cultural beliefs, historical backgrounds, and the ways privilege and prejudice have affected us.

Questions may include:
- What is culture?
- What are some of the cultural beliefs that I have inherited?
- How does my cultural background influence how I see and connect with the world and the land where I live?
- How have my perspectives been challenged and changed by cultures other than my own?

Second Dialogue

How Do We Connect?

Saturday, November 2nd, 10am-noon Pacific

Our second dialogue will explore how our narratives inform how we connect with others. We will look at how our culture supports or limits us in connecting with those who are different.

Questions may include:
- What stories do we carry with us about those from other cultures?
- Why is seeking to understand historical trauma and ongoing systemic oppression essential for connecting?
- What common values and interests might help to bring us together?
- What bridges can be built that may lead to healing in my community?

How Can We Be Better Allies for Each Other?

Third Dialogue

Saturday, November 16th, 10am-noon Pacific

Our third dialogue will explore ways we can work in solidarity across cultures. In preparation for this session, please find an example of cross-cultural collaboration if you don’t already have one in mind.

Questions may include:
- What are inspiring examples of collaborating across cultures that you have been involved in or are aware of?
- What challenges have presented themselves and what do you think has made these collaborations successful?
- What do we, as individuals and as communities, need to do to be better allies for each other?
- What do we, as movements, need to do?

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