Building the Capacity of our Network

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

As a national network let's look at creative ways of building our funding capacity; locally, regionally, and nationally. This will be a departure from traditional fundraising efforts.

To paint a picture: Imagine linking up with other Transition Initiatives that have a similar area of interest, say around creating a robust, local food system.  We work together to develop a regional or even national proposals that might interest new funders. Or, we focus geographically and pull together proposals that address the resilience needs of a region, of a state, or of a cluster of states. 

Our collective social capital can be leveraged to boost our impacts. If you are ready to explore taking this kind of leap, please join us. 

This teleseminar will be led by Derrick Rhayn, Chief Catalyst at Rhayn Collaborative Consulting, a Tacoma, WA consulting firm specializing in network capacity building and asset mobilization. Derrick’s passion is scaling social change strategies by implementing a new approach for problem solving using network weaving. He draws upon his 12 years of program and management experience as critical in assisting networks in building sound strategies and scaling impact. He has worked with organizations that focus on CDFI’s and community development, adult education and employment, youth empowerment, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, refugee and immigrant services, local economies, food systems, and the generational transition. Derrick currently serves as the Board President for Go Local, an independent business network in Tacoma dedicated to fostering a resilient, sustainable local economy. He holds a Bachelor of Liberal Studies and Anthropology minor from Iowa State University, and has graduate certificates in Fundraising Management and Project Management. Derrick is a pioneer of network based fund development, and leading thinker in applying network theory and principles to social change efforts.

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