"Community Supported Entrepreneurism" - REconomy in Totnes

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

In Totnes, we’ve framed our work in terms of inspiring a new kind of economic system - or, at least, a new kind of community-led economic regeneration and development. Our local and regional economies should create an abundance of opportunity for people to meet their needs, in ways that work with natural systems, are inclusive and fair, and that generally increase the well being of the entire community.

This framing reflects progressive values and is an important part of the ‘new story’. It is aspirational, of course, but we have taken some productive steps over the past five years and good things are happening. What is emerging for us is a practical approach that works and, we think, could work in thousands of other places.

It is a systems approach that begins with a simple proposition: if we want a new kind of economic system, we must create the conditions for new economic actors, relationships and models to emerge and thrive.

In other words, instead of a focus on supporting this or that enterprise, how can we create the conditions for 10 or 100 innovative, interesting, and beneficial ones to emerge on an ongoing basis. For us, this means doing three things: catalyzing entrepreneurial culture, mobilizing local and regional financial and social capital, and developing an ‘enterprising ecosystem’.

In this teleseminar, Jay Tompt will talk about the catalyst projects that have been producing great results, such as the Local Entrepreneur Forum and the REconomy Centre. And offer a few tools and tips that can help anyone, almost anywhere, get similar results, too.


Jay Tompt
Co-founding member of the Totnes REconomy Project and independent consultant. Jay has also co-developed the Transition Network REconomy Project’s Local Economic Blueprint course and handbook, and advises community groups developing their own local blueprint. He has also been leading workshops and giving talks about this work and on community-led economics, across Europe and Japan.

Prior to moving to the UK from San Francisco, Jay spent 10 years as entrepreneur and consultant in the ‘green business movement’, after a 12-year career in Silicon Valley. Jay holds an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a BA in Philosophy from San Jose State University. He’s also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


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