Consensus-Oriented Decision Making (CODM)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 4:00am - 5:30am

A new model for facilitating group decision making is now available. The seven steps of the CODM process offer groups a way to reap the benefits of a participatory, collaborative process while maintaining clear and efficient progress toward final decisions. This new model marries the dual goals of generating widespread agreement and keeping meetings enjoyable and productive.


After decades of experience using traditional consensus models, Tim Hartnett, PhD developed the CODM model by combining best practices from the fields of Group Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, and Non-Violent Communication. Described in the recently released book form New Society Publishers, CODM is flexible enough to be used by large or small groups with close-knit or diverse memberships.  

It offers Transition groups an innovative methodology for group facilitation that can help the Transition Movement reach large numbers of people without sacrificing the ability to make decisions effectively.
(Photo: 2010 Northwest Transition Summit, Seattle, Washington, September 16, 2010)





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