Into the Ecology of Leadership: Leveraging Inner Permaculture for Inspired Action

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 5:00pm - 6:15pm


As we cultivate our capacities to become effective change-agents, this webinar will provide an opportunity to explore the relationship between the landscapes within and how we show up in our life and leadership.  What becomes possible when we deepen our self-awareness to discover what holds us back?  What is the role of deep nature connection, personal practice, and community in cultivating a vibrant and fertile ecology for leadership to emerge and thrive - within us and around us?  Who are we being called to become as the future generations call us forward to make a difference?  And how can we design a life that feels inspiring AND contributes powerfully to the transformation of our world? 
To explore these questions, James Stark, Christopher Kuntzsch, and Katia Sol will draw upon their experience leading the Ecology of Leadership program at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA.  They will provide an introduction to the program's core principles and practices, and share how we can begin to incorporate these into our lives as well as our local transition initiatives. 

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A Few Testimonials:

“Through the Ecology of Leadership I am learning and applying valuable skills and capacities to increase my leadership abilities and potential both in my non-profit Board work with Daily Acts and as Energy and Sustainability Coordinator with the County of Sonoma.”
"As a result of the EOL course, I found the strength, clarity, and confidence within myself to powerfully step into my role as Executive Director and hold a space for our organization to re-envision itself. Every aspect of my life has been positively impacted by my willingness to authentically walk my path, fully self-expressed."
"The Ecology of Leadership program has helped to ground me in such a way that I have been able to claim the leadership that I have been practicing from the rear, and bring it forward into full bloom in a public way. The confidence that I gained through the Ecology of Leadership program allowed me to stand up in front of 160 people at the Aromas Grange Centennial celebration and tell the Grange members about Transition Aromas. As an introvert, talking to that many people was a significant accomplishment and a direct result of my participation in EOL."
"EOL has been invaluable for me. It has allowed me to focus and re-energize my work with my local Transition community. It has given me compassionate confidence to be a nurturing leader, show up with greater integrity, and facilitate group work with my fellow transition leaders to support their inner transition and sustained energy. The ripple effects internally and externally continue to amplify as I practice what I've learned.”















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