Effective Groups - Amherst, MA

Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 9:30am - Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 5:30pm

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Working together isn't easy. That's why we're excited to offer you this two-day workshop on Effective Groups with Transition Network's Nick Osborne.

The Effective Collaboration weekend workshop is Nick's labor of love for Transition Initiatives - helping Transition Initiatives develop facilitation skills and tools to navigate the ups/downs of the various phases of group development - forming, storming, norming & performing.

Check out this video or the Prezi below for more info on Nick's methodology.

Effective Collaboration comes from integrating 20 years experience of working in social change projects, intentional communities and ecovillages and conventional and cutting edge organizational and leadership models.  It is open to anyone involved in any kind of social change work, with preference given to groups using the Transition model to inform their work.  

Nick will also be offering a one-day Effective Collaboration Train the Trainer workshop on September 23. Train the Trainer workshops are intended for people who already have training and facilitation skills who want to deepen their understanding of the material and use it to train other Transition Initiatives and social change organizations. Participants in the Monday workshop must attend the weekend workshop and meet criteria which demonstrate they are already experienced group facilitators and trainers.

More information on the course is at: https://www.transitionnetwork.org/training/courses/effective-groups

*Please note: venue for this course is TBC. Cost is $125 for the two day course and an additional $125 for the one day Train the Trainer workshop.

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