Effective Groups Train the Trainer, San Francisco Area

Monday, September 30, 2013 - 9:00am - 5:30pm

If you would like to apply for the Effective Groups Train the Trainer workshop, please download and complete this application and return it to carolyne@transitionus.org.

You can register separately for the 2-day Effective Groups Workshop 9/28-29.


More info on the Effective Groups Train the Trainer Workshop:


Transition US is offering a 1-day Train the Trainer on 9/30, following the Effective Groups course in San Rafael, CA. Note: It is required that TTT participants take the 2-day workshop


Our goals for the TTT are to:

  • Develop a cadre of trainers who can deliver the Effective Groups course to Transition groups and to groups in allied efforts

  • Increase the efficacy of groups by having skilled trainers within their ranks;

  • Build bridges of collaboration between groups & networks


In this TTT course we want people who:

  1. Have personal, hands-on experience dealing with group dynamics.

  2. Have experience giving trainings, teaching or facilitating groups.

  3. Explain concepts in clear and accessible language.

  4. Can work with emotional depth and hold participants to safely go beyond comfort zones.

  5. Have awareness of their own individual journeys in personal development and awakening to the need for major social change.

  6. Are flexible, self motivated, collaborative, positive and have a sense of humour.

  7. Live in a variety of geographical areas in the US.

  8. Represent a variety of viewpoints, cultures and backgrounds; additional languages would be an advantage.

Becoming a trainer for the Effective Groups course

The TTT is a 1-day training for 10 participants or less. The course is designed to meet the needs of the participating individuals so they can more confidently convey the materials. It will dive more deeply into the 2-day course materials and their methods of delivery. Those interested in the 2-day Train the Trainer course will need to already have experience in training, teaching or facilitation as well as having hands-on experience dealing with group dynamics. An application form follows.


Effective Groups itself is a dynamic and engaging training course which covers key skills for collaboration:

  • Creating systems for teams to work effectively together

  • Developing an enjoyable and fair atmosphere to work within

  • Making order in the chaos to find freedom within a structure

  • Utilizing diverse perspectives as an advantage instead of a problem

  • Balancing achieving goals with keeping your team healthy and effective

  • Managing conflicting needs and paradoxes, both within and outside the team

  • Developing the skills & mindset to cross stony ground without falling out (or over) with each other!

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