Holding What Is and Serving What Calls

Sunday, September 29, 2019 - 11:00am - 1:00pm

All times Pacific. Please click here to register for this free, online event. For more information, email julbystrova@gmail.com

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We are all feeling it. The planet, and humanity, are in trouble. Feeling grief, despair and overwhelm are becoming the norm. It is essential that we build into our lives more ways of supporting our personal resilience around these very collective feelings. In a way, activists are the “antibodies” in the cellular structure of humanity, tending to the pain and suffering of our world. We need tools and practices to keep ourselves going and thriving.

In this two-hour session, Jul Bystrova, co-founder of the Inner Resilience Network, will offer a brief introductory talk on the physiology of the mind-body relationship and a 20-minute guided meditation on the “somatic holding process”. This practice is a potent tool for meeting ourselves wherever we're at, whatever we're feeling, and bringing relief, insight and awareness about how to be with what is happening. When we take time to acknowledge our pain and bring compassion to our darker places, we build and maintain the inner reserve that we need to take inspired action.

The meditation will be followed by time to share and inquire deeply about our experience.

Jul BystrovaJul Bystrova is a co-founder of the Inner Resilience Network, Director of Eomega and the Era of Care project. She was born and raised in Pomo, Ohlone and Miwok native territories, and is a descendent of European early settler, Russian and Central American immigrant roots. She serves as a mind-body healing practitioner, teacher and community activist. She holds an Interdisciplinary Masters, is an ordained Interfaith minister and educated in trauma. She also serves on the Transition US Collaborative Design Council and works for social justice.

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