How to Get Media Attention for Your Community Project

Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 12:00pm - 1:15pm

Shareable Media

Webinar Description:

From major news sources to local papers, radio, and TV stations across the country and beyond, the sharing economy and community-driven civic engagement (such as Transition Initiatives) is big news. By following these 10 steps, you can join the buzz and capture media attention for your community project or event. Participants will also learn from each other's triumphs, challenges, and lessons learned in this interactive workshop.

About this Webinar:

This free, interactive webinar is limited to 100 participants, so please register early! If all spaces are filled, you will still be able to watch a live broadcast of this event on the Transition US Facebook page. However, only those who have registered in advance will be able to participate in polls and ask questions of the speaker.

Webinar Presenter:

Tom Llewellyn is the Strategic Partnerships Director at, and is a lifelong sharer, commoner, and storyteller. He manages organizational, editorial, and events partnerships, and has coordinated the global Sharing Cities Network, #MapJam, and other community sharing campaigns, in addition to speaking internationally about real, equitable sharing. Previously, he was the Education and Activism Director for the Sustainable Living Roadshow, co-leading this touring organization across the US for five years. Tom has co-founded several community and sharing-based initiatives including: A PLACE for Sustainable Living, Asheville Tool Library, REAL Cooperative (Regenerative Education, Action, and Leadership), and the worker collective, Critter Cafe.

Nils Palsson

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