Inner Preparedness: Burnout Prevention for Change Agents, Leaders, and Activists

Monday, June 8, 2020 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm


Your service to positive change in our world is vital! And in order to keep going, we want to support you in feeling vital. Burnout can be avoided! Feeling good, and cultivating inspiration is a priority. In fact, putting all of our energy into our work, and not caring for our own bodies, minds, and spirits contradicts the core values needed for a healthy planet. Just as we are committed to transitioning from an exploitative, extractive economy to a caring, regenerative economy, we can make our own transition to a regenerative lifestyle.

Join us at the Inner Resilience Network’s Connection Cafe for an engaging conversation about what burns you out, and learn effective tools you can use to create a rhythm for yourself that rejuvenates you while you save the world.

Jul BystrovaTobin McKeeWellness educators Julia Bystrova and Tobin McKee have each spent more than 20 years helping people overcome the inner and outer obstacles that prevent us from meeting our wellness needs. Because we are both wellness consultants and activists in the Solidarity Economy and Transition movements, it is our goal to help others develop the inner resilience necessary to work effectively, without burnout, for the benefit of others.

Jul Bystrova, Inner Resilience Network

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